Siberian Summer (SOLD OUT)

Extrait de Parfum 30ml

Musky, foresty chypre perfume with a fresh and cooling twist.

Top notes:
camphor, bergamot, lime, birch tar and fir balsam

Heart notes:
champaka, jasmine and galbanum

Base notes:
Russian cedar resin, vanilla, vetiver, synthetic musk, amber resin and oakmoss

Siberian and Russian musk perfumes often represent an iconic inhabitant of their region: the musk deer. Foresty and warm, those blends are more suited to being enjoyed during the chill of winter. The story of Siberian Summer tells a familiar tale… but one that is revealed in a unique way. This composition pays homage to summers in Siberia, Russia, which are unlike anywhere else in the world.


Siberian Summer dawns with fresh and brisk camphoric bergamot,
Smoky birch tar lingering in the cool air,
Shafts of crystal clear rays of sunlight streaming through pine needles.


Rapidly, sunny heart notes build up strength and radiate through. Champaka, brightly shining and sweet, gently exposes its fruity, fresh character. Piercing sambac jasmine blooms with a sharper sweetness. Sticky galbanum adds just the right amount of deep greenness to the heart. All these notes harmonize to create the effect of a symphonic explosion of sunshine.


Synthetic deer musk provides a good deal of dry, animalic essence to the base, but is free of an intensity that some may find overwhelming, especially in hot and humid climes. Dry muskiness melts into rich and smoky, sour amber resin. Oakmoss adds a cool, forest floor effect, perfectly sealing the deal for this invigorating, bright and shining composition.


Siberian Musk is a stunning chypre perfume, yet some find it challenging. Those who do enjoy it often save it for winter or special, cool evening events. In contrast, this Siberian Summer composition is an everyday, signature scent that is ideal for warmer weather… or anytime one wishes to reminisce on the glorious elements of an exhilarating, sunny, Siberian Summer.


This Olfactory Composition contain NO animal products.