Siberian Musk (SOLD OUT)

The time has come to visit one of the purest, wildest and least known locations on earth: Siberia.

Top notes: Italian bergamot and lime, Indian mandarin, Siberian smoky pine. Freshly co-distilled hydrosol from exotic fruits and citruses.

Middle notes: a maceration made from legally obtained, wild Siberian
deer musk grains, Moroccan orange blossom, Australian sandalwood, galbanum,
cypress and a variety of spices.

Base notes: wild, green agarwood oils from Papua New Guinea, blue
cypress absolute, patchouli, amber

Surviving temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celsius,
Whilst surrounded by tall, majestic pine trees blanketed with smoky snow,

The blessed kiss of a musk deer,
Hints of fresh bergamot, sweet mandarin and juicy lime to remind you of summer,

The smoke without fire,

And a wild desire for a hot cup of tea.

Bubbling, cool galbanum on charcoal, and frozen orange flower,

Smoking cinnamon stick,

Amber resin flowing down a wooden wall,

Dry, warm patchouli and clove in your tea.
This is…

Blue, freezing early morning, and you fully covered in Siberian aura.





The scent of Siberian Musk will please a person of any age and gender who seeks a uniquely fresh, spicy, slightly animalic scent, conjuring up images of the wild, forested lands of Siberia.

Each level of this aromatic poem has been carefully blended with the utmost care, respect and love, over a long period of time, through a process that consisted of multiple stages.

Siberian Musk is limited to a number of one hundred, full 50ml bottles. This limitation is a result of the rare ingredients being
used and is the only solution to avoiding batch inconsistency.

As with each Olfactory Composition created by Areej Le Doré, Siberian Musk comes in a French glass perfume bottle, displaying a number from one to one hundred.

Note: This Olfactory Composition contains animal product… a maceration derived from legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk grains. These were sourced from a legal institution that buys only from registered hunters who have permission from the Russian government to hunt a regulated number of wild deer per season. Legal musk grains are available in very limited amounts and are typically used only for traditional medicines. This is one of the reasons why natural musk grains are no longer used in large scale perfumery.