Siberian Musk Part II (SOLD OUT)

Extrait de Parfum 30ml 

Continuation of Siberian Musk one of the most sough after perfumes by Areej le Dore.

The time has come to visit one of the purest, wildest and least known locations on earth: Siberia.

Pre orders will be sent with in 7 to 10 days.

We are excited to inform you that, based on an enormous number of requests, we are bringing back Siberian Musk perfume. Russian Adam has done his best to bring this composition as close to the original version as possible: however, it is not 100% identical, due to a large number of natural components that vary from batch to batch. This creation is a continuation called Part II, and one can expect the same notes, overall feel, style and performance as the original version.

While Russian Adam may have used some new materials, this was done solely with the target of achieving the same effect. Therefore, we are not listing the ingredients, as it seems irrelevant in this case. Ultimately, the art of perfumery is all about the fusion effect of different notes that create a desired aroma… which, in this instance, is as close as possible to the first batch of Siberian Musk perfume.

Here you can read about our all-time classic, the first batch of Siberian Musk:


This perfume contains animal product… a maceration derived from legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk grains. These were sourced from a legal institution that buys only from registered hunters who have permission from the Russian government to hunt a regulated number of wild deer per season. Legal musk grains are available in very limited amounts and are typically used only for traditional medicines. This is one of the reasons why natural musk grains are no longer used in large scale perfumery.