Santal Galore (SOLD OUT)

Extrait de Parfum 50ml

Classical, fruity chypre with an outstanding, one-of-a-kind, durian absolute on a bed of spicy, old handcrafted sandalwood extracts and powdery, animalic musk.

Top notes:
Malaysian Musang King Durian and Indonesian sandalwood co-absolute crafted by Russian Adam

Heart notes:
Turkish rose water, rose accord from circa 1925, jasmine, osmanthus and ancient Indonesian sandalwood root smoke extracted by Russian Adam

Base notes:
deer musk pod tincture, oakmoss, tonka, vintage cassia accord, clove and old Mysore sandalwood absolute made by Russian Adam


*During the launch of new collection we expect possible delays (up to 2 weeks) in processing large number of orders.

Musang King Durian is a true gem, a national treasure of Malaysia. Musang is the Malay word for palm civet. With good reason, Musang King Durian is usually the priciest of all durian varieties, and it is famous for its most potent, rich and creamy flavor. Lest you hesitate to dive into this aromatic composition, do not let the controversial reputation of durian mislead you. Rest assured that we have captured only the most delicious components of this naughty beast!


Santal Galore starts with a uniquely shocking, yet harmonious, duo: an outstanding co-absolute of Musang King Durian and matured Indonesian sandalwood, derived from heartwood that is approximately half a century old. Deep, rich and creamy fruitiness, with a matured santal, woody backbone, this material is indeed one of the most amazing achievements of Russian Adam.


Durian and sandalwood co-absolute are intimately joined, enhanced and complemented by one of the lushest of all floral accords: creamy, powdery osmanthus, redolent with heady notes of peach and apricot. Rose and jasmine add a classy, delicious floral charm. Weaving through and around it all, murmur thin strands of sandalwood smoke… which is akin to a finest sandalwood incense that flawlessly permeates its surroundings with its tranquil, seductive scent. Thanks to a unique type of distillation performed by Russian Adam, we have been fortunate to capture the smoke essence of ancient Indonesian sandalwood roots in this composition.


All the delicious goodness detailed above slowly melts on one’s skin and graciously transitions into the long, santal-dominant drydown. In this space resides one of the most precious sandalwood extracts created by Russian Adam from incredibly rare, old sinking Mysore sandalwood. Dark red, as dense as stone, it displays a profound, therapeutic santal scent that is further enriched by the addition of tonka bean absolute and soothing spices. Indian oakmoss absolute (a Russian Adam signature ingredient) adds another olfactory dimension.


The soft and smooth texture of the base of this composition is analogous to the indescribable, cherished quality of newborn baby skin. Authentic, old Mysore sandalwood aura lasts for hours to come and is the heart and soul of this work of art. In Santal Galore, deer musk pod never shouts its wild, leathery character; instead, it contributes secretly (yet unmistakably) to the baby-skin, powdery nuances.


Santal Galore is a testament to ancient, mystical, royal wood that has been treasured for centuries and is no longer easily obtained in this highly-matured form. The unique, opulent elements at play in this composition all work together to create a harmonious, glorious, seductive and therapeutic olfactory experience.


Note: this perfume contains an extraordinary natural absolute from Durian fruit co-extracted with sandalwood. This may result in residue or minor crystallization of the natural sugars. This does not impact an olfactory quality of the composition. It may block the sprayer in some rare cases. Unfortunately, due to a limited number of bottles we won’t be able to exchange it but we will provide a new sprayer in such case. The presentation of this perfume features natural materials such as teak wood (box) and sandalwood (cap). Please be aware of some natural defects and imperfections of these beautiful and precious materials.


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