Russian Musk (SOLD OUT)

Extrait de Parfum 50ml.

Classical chypre, full of fresh, foresty notes, driven by furry animalic character, with a touch of florals and an unmistakable piney, Russian feel.

Top notes: Russian fir and pine; lemon, bergamot and mandarin

Heart notes: orange blossom from Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and France;
Indian sandalwood, tonka bean, nutmeg absolute, clove and cinnamon

Base notes: legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk; agarwood oil
from Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand, co-distilled by Russian
Adam; rose absolute, fossil amber, patchouli, vetiver, cypress, tree
moss resinoid and oakmoss absolute

Being our most popular composition, Siberian Musk sold out in a brief couple of months, quickly rising in the ranks to a modern classic.

Today, we are thrilled to share with you Russian Musk, the newest version of the aforementioned formula. This time, we used even higher quality ingredients and added a few choice elements.

Crisp, bright, lively top notes of juicy citruses and foresty nuances take one to the virgin land of Siberia, Russia. Fir conveys an airy, uplifting sensation; bergamot adds a crisp freshness; lime boosts the aroma with its juicy soul; mandarin delivers a touch of playful sweetness; and pine ushers in that unmistakeable Russian signature to the opening.

With time, the composition smoothly flows into the heart notes. Here, one faces a delightful fusion of the precious hydro and steam distilled neroli (orange blossom). Not many are aware of the fact that neroli varies significantly, depending on the origin. In order to present a complete and full, three-dimensional view of this beautiful flower, neroli from four different countries has been combined. This precious floral bouquet graciously spreads itself out upon the fine blanket of Indian sandalwood, sweetened by tonka bean, and spiced up with rich nutmeg absolute, clove and cinnamon.

The base of this composition is propelled by fossil amber resin obtained through destructive distillation. Resinous, warm and slightly smoky, it provides the perfect platform for additional base notes. Oakmoss absolute adds to the foresty feel, and tree moss resinoid completely seals this realistic impression. Fine galbanum resinoid delivers a shiny green touch, enhancing the floral notes and connecting them with the deep sylvan base.

The depth is achieved with pure agarwood oil from Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand, co-distilled by Russian Adam himself. Essential oil of patchouli from Bengal, along with its rare, green absolute hailing from Indonesia, bring the herbal, earthy essence to the base. It is further supported by green Indian vetiver, cooling fresh cypress and its rare blue absolute.

The entire structure of this solid base is sweetened by a fine rose absolute extracted by Russian Adam. Deer musk is noticeable throughout the complete life cycle of this composition but is never overwhelming. It gently whispers furry and slightly animalic accords, complimenting and intensifying all surrounding notes.

Russian Musk is a tribute to the classical chypre style of perfumery, composed by Russian Adam with care and love, using some of his own rare distillations and precious extracts. It will suit one who truly loves traditional perfumery and wild, vintage compositions.

This Olfactory Composition contains animal product… a maceration derived from legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk grains. These were sourced from a legal institution that buys only from registered hunters who have permission from the Russian government to hunt a regulated number of wild deer per season. Legal musk grains are available in very limited amounts and are typically used only for traditional medicines. This is one of the reasons why natural musk grains are no longer used in large scale perfumery.

9ml, 50ml