Oud Zen (SOLD OUT)

Raw, wild, naked… the true OUD experience.

Top notes: rare, wild Sri Lankan agarwood oil distilled by Russian Adam, Papua agarwood resin.

Heart notes: Indian oud and 20 year old Indian saffron attar.

Base notes: Indian and Indonesian sandalwood, clean Indian vetiver,
tolu balsam, sweet myrrh and traces of synthetic civet and castoreum.

An intense, yet gentle, balsamic and silky smooth oud volcano, majestically smoking, slowly releasing the concoction of pure Sri Lankan and Indian ouds.

In spectacular volcanic fashion, rare, untamed royal oud has been pulled up from the base through the heart of this Olfactory Composition to ultimately reside at the top, giving one the unmatchable zen (true) experience that genuine oud creates: a royal aura that calms the nerves and brings peace, balance and harmony to one’s soul.
Swift creamy waves of fragrant Indian and Indonesian sandalwood, spiced up with hints of smooth, highly aged saffron, culminating to fulfill one’s wildest olfactory desires…

This scent will suit those mature, sophisticated persons who never fear challenges and who want to be covered in a truly mysterious, luxurious aura.

Each level of this aromatic poem has been carefully blended with the utmost care, respect and love, over a long period of time, through a process consisting of multiple stages.
Oud Zen is limited to a number of one hundred, full 50 ml bottles. This limitation is a result of the rare ingredients being used and is the only solution to avoiding batch inconsistency.