Oud Picante (SOLD OUT)

Top notes: cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg

Heart notes: wild Borneo oud oil distilled by Russian Adam, carrot seed, spikenard, tobacco and coffee

Base notes: opoponax, Bengal sandalwood, muhuhu, costus, fossil amber and labdanum

A touch of spice is what makes our daily life special.
Bolder zest can make it exceptional.
And a bouquet of tastefully combined, colourful, exotic spices may cause one’s heart to skip a beat and bring truly phenomenal, memorable moments into existence.
Fruity, floral, funky or incensy oud oils can make our daily life special.
Custom, distilled, wild, spicy Borneo oil can make it exceptional.
And a tastefully crafted perfume, carefully blended with love, using several custom distilled, wild, spicy Borneo oud oils may cause one’s heart to skip a beat and bring a truly phenomenal, memorable olfactory experience to one’s life.
Therefore, we present to you… Oud Picante!
Oud Picante is a dressed-up, exclusive, pure, wild Borneo agarwood oil distilled by Russian Adam. It is adorned in various essential oils, absolutes, tinctures and extracts that soften, expand and tune its character to suit the most wild olfactory desire. It is custom-distilled oud that has been further tailored to propel its psychoactive abilities to an even higher degree.
This Olfactory Composition is all about spiced wild oud. It opens with an explosion of zesty, multidimensional molecules flying in all directions; a shocking, yet smooth and extremely pleasant experience. It is a result of combining the pure essences of cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and clove, and placing them at the head of the composition.
Upon entering into the vibrating heart of this blend, one faces rare, wild Borneo oud. Slightly green, resinous, tangy and raw, it is also spicy in its own unique way. Other ingredients add to its richness and expose layer upon layer of resinous, ambery, slightly smoky character. Nuances of tobacco, coffee, dark labdanum, opoponax resinoid, spikenard and carrot seed interplay, complementing and supporting each other… culminating in an aura that is robust and highly attractive.
Oud Picante is a scent for the mature and dominant person who is looking for the very best spicy sensation, coupled with a thick and heady, genuine, wild oud oil experience.
Oud Picante… the spice of life.