Ottoman Empire (SOLD OUT)

Ottoman Empire is…
The essence of mysteries,
With a heart of extravagant richness,
A character of unmatchable diversity,
The blissful sensation of narcotic depth,
And a soul-healing impact.

Top notes: Jamaican pepper, cardamom, pure rose oil from Afghanistan, Georgia and Bulgaria, Indian rose absolute. Thai white rose, jasmine and frangipani water freshly co-distilled by Russian Adam.

Middle notes: infusion of frangipani flowers, saffron attar aged over twenty
years, three types of Indian agarwood oil, including traces of an
Assam oud that is nearly two decades old, clean Indian vetiver,
cinnamon and nutmeg.

Base notes: seven year old sandalwood from Bangladesh, Indian oakmoss,
crude amber resin oil and sweet myrrh.

Oud and rose combinations may be common. However, sadly, most of them are designed using synthetic substitutes and contain neither genuine oud (agarwood oil) nor actual rose otto.
In contrast, this breathtaking Olfactory Composition consists of the most precious materials: namely, pure agarwood essential oil, pure rose otto (essential oil), rose absolute, pure, aged sandalwood oil, rose water co-distilled with frangipani and jasmine.

The top notes contain several different types of natural rose oils that are unknown to many and experienced by few. These rose oils are hydro and steam distilled, and combined to release an aroma that is of unmatchable diversity and soul-healing potential. The rarest, pure florals are enhanced and made more masculine through the addition of spicy, sweet pepper. This brings a sensation of luxurious comfort that is both warm and romantic.
The waves of floral bliss and blooming ecstasy usher one slowly to a middle stage, where there resides a uniquely extracted and carefully captured infusion of frangipani flowers covered in warm, soothing spices and clean, smooth Indian vetiver. Highly aged, silky smooth Indian saffron attar adds an exotic, opulent touch, creating a palpable, extravagantly soothing aura.

Meandering along the velvety smooth, crystal bridge of olfactory delights experienced thus far, and one arrives at the ouds. Please understand that oud in this composition is not one of those meaningless, synthetic words that is so often attached to a fragrance to boost its popularity. The oud note in Ottoman Empire consists of different types of pure agarwood, including touches of extremely rare, highly matured, nearly twenty year old pure agarwood oil from the Assam region, as well as five year old, pure oud oil from Bangladesh.
Oud is the hidden soul of this composition, residing within and graciously adding to the extravagant richness, creating a dignified character with a silky smooth depth. There are no unpleasant, challenging, harsh, sharp or smoky elements to mar the refined blend.

The solid base of Ottoman Empire is built of sticky, resinated bricks of amber resin, Indian sweet myrrh and dark green, thick and heavy oakmoss, and is laced with swipes of Bengali Sandalwood, finely aged since 2010. This base steadily holds the entire composition and keeps it in calm harmony, with absolute peace and perfect balance.
This scent will please a more mature audience of both genders, especially those who seek a luxurious, oriental combination of authentic rose, gentle, pure, aged oud and other rare ingredients.
The perfume Ottoman Empire is limited to one hundred, full 50ml bottles. This limitation is a result of the rare ingredients being used and is the only solution to avoiding batch inconsistency.