Musk Lave (SOLD OUT)

Extrait de Parfum 30ml

A classical fougère with a remarkable twist. Musk Lave is a fresh, animalic barbershop composition, featuring natural, wild Siberian deer musk and unparalleled antique lavender oil and absolute

Top notes:
bergamot and lavender from 1920

Heart notes:
lavender absolute from 1915 – 1920, osmanthus, aged Mysore sandalwood and natural wild Siberian deer musk

Base notes:
iris accord, oakmoss and labdanum


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Bright and sparkling bergamot opens up this composition. It is immediately thrown into contrast by the extraordinary vintage lavender oil. This unbelievable find demonstrates how a typically unexciting ingredient can mature into a multilayered, aromatic treasure, similar to some of the finest oud oils in terms of complexity, depth and refinement.


The lavender oil used in this composition is a stunning perfume in its own right. It has a soothing, resinous, honey-like, balsamic opening. Fresh, foresty, woodsy middle notes and a herbaceous powdery base evoke the aromatic ambience prevalent in an antique library.


Lavender absolute, on the other hand, delivers a dry-fruit bouquet, abounding in aromas of rich, dried apricots, figs, plums, dates, dark cherries and berries. Obtained from an ancient perfumery in France, it delivers a traditionally classy aura. It is further boosted by the succulent and fruity osmanthus absolute.


Deer musk in this composition perfectly complements the vintage lavender, creating a duet that embodies complete love and harmony. Chocolaty, furry musk perfectly matches the honey-like, powdery lavender.


We have added decade-old Mysore sandalwood, which brings a touch of soft creaminess. Iris accord adds a gentle powdery sensation, whereas labdanum and oakmoss nicely balance out the base with the fertile characteristics of a silky, dark forest floor.


Musk Lave is perhaps the first classical fougère perfume that boasts a huge dose of natural deer musk. Combined with the vintage, classy and creamy lavender, it will not leave anyone indifferent to its charms.

Review: Therapeutic Fragrance Youtube channel