Malik Al Taif Attar (SOLD OUT)

Pure perfume oil  2.5 grams (around 3ml)

Contains traces of solvent used for deer musk absolute.

A legend…

A tale…

An untold story from a desert oasis.

An aromatic version of the Arabian Nights.

Top notes: Royal Taif rose and Indian rose

Heart notes: Indian oud, saffron and deer musk absolute

Base notes: Mysore sandalwood, amber resin and Siam benzoin

Malik Al Taif (or King of Taif) is not your regular oud, rose and musk concoction, named so merely as a ploy to insinuate luxury. Rather, each ingredient used in this blend extends far beyond its typical state; each component is a true legend.
While it is true that there are very few ingredients used in this perfume, each one captures a whole world of intricacies and delights. Each one brings its own special, individual tale that contributes to the lingering, majestic story that is Malik Al Taif.

This composition features a blend of rose oils including a high dose of the queen of roses, the finest Royal Taif rose, and the freshest Indian rose distilled only a few days before the perfume was blended.


Royal Taif rose
The name “Royal” here is not an empty title, but rather, it is given such a grand label for several reasons.

The Royal Taif rose oil used in this perfume was distilled especially for Areej le Doré. In the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert, in the city of Taif, this type of rose resides. It is distilled only one month a year, according to a traditional method with a truly unique twist requested by Areej le Doré.

Unlike regular Taif rose, the Royal variety is collected before dawn, solely by female workers. It is well known that women’s fingers are very soft and gentle, which helps to preserve some of the most delicate aromatic molecules within the flowers. Moreover, unlike other rose oils, Royal Taif rose was distilled only using the petals of the flowers… again, separated from the greenery by female workers only.
This extra attention to detail negatively impacts the yield of an oil and can hugely increase its cost; however, the final fragrance has unmatchable quality, putting it a step above any other pure rose oil.
Its beauty, refinement and the liveliness of aroma makes it truly Royal.


Indian rose
Being a delicate flower, a rose loses its fragrance rapidly once it is picked from the field. Similarly, a rose oil may lose its most fragile notes if stored for too long. Freshly distilled rose oil is renowned for its superior aroma. And so, in order to ensure the preservation of every intricate, exquisite note of this purest Indian rose oil (again, distilled exclusively for Areej le Doré), it was used only a few days after its distillation.

Precious, pure rose oil was personally collected from India by Russian Adam after the distillation. It was then cured by him in traditional camel leather bottles, according to an ancient tradition, in order to remove the remaining moisture. An incredible amount (nearly two kilograms) of this fresh, pure precious oil was used for Malik Al Taif. Current fragrance regulations in certain countries do not allow the use of rose oil in quantities over 4% in any given blend. In this perfume, however, where the aim was a rose-centered composition, Russian Adam used around 40% of pure rose oil. The result offers a truly unrivaled level in terms of olfactory refinement, satisfaction and perfection.


Oud oils
There are four types of natural and pure oud used in Malik Al Taif, hailing from three different countries: Cambodia, Laos and India. A touch of a very sweet Cambodian oud and highly animalic wild Laotian oud enhance the base of this composition. Two varieties of classical Indian oud, both with leathery and smoky character, reside in the heart, which is sweetened with saffron. The combination of the finest rose oils and intensely animalic oud brings to life an unparalleled olfactory experience. It may be a classic combination; yet, using ingredients of a quality that is truly fit for royalty, it is an olfactory journey on a whole different level.


Musk absolute
A one of a kind, dynamic, exclusive absolute from legally harvested, wild Siberian deer musk was created in Moscow, by one of the perfume gurus, especially for Russian Adam. It is the first ever deer musk absolute that we have encountered, due to the difficult production process, extremely low yield, rarity of raw materials and nearly prohibitive high cost. Shockingly, it came out almost solid in texture and pink in color! Unlike a typical maceration of deer musk, the absolute contains a deeper character, richer body and its strength is explosive. Because of the potency of this ingredient, only a small amount was used, so that in the final composition, during the drydown, it makes itself evident as a song instead of a shout.


Siam benzoin
Along with a touch of a secret synthetic fixative, Russian Adam used top quality, smooth, silky rich Siam benzoin. This heady resin wraps all the notes in its dark boozy, vanillic character and mellows the steady aromatic flow of this composition, giving it long lasting power.


Malik Al Taif is an oriental-style perfume, focusing on rose, which is one of the most pleasant natural aromas known to mankind. The sillage and projection of this perfume is superior, causing the earer, and the people surrounding him, to feel as if they are walking through rose fields in an Arabian desert oasis. Malik Al Taif, The queen of roses… for the king of perfumes. A truly royal Arabian Nights experience.


This perfume contains animal product… an absolute derived from legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk grains. These were sourced from a legal institution that buys only from registered hunters who have permission from the Russian government to hunt a regulated number of wild deer per season. Legal musk grains are available in very limited amounts and are typically used only for traditional medicines. This is one of the reasons why natural musk grains are no longer used in large scale perfumery.



Kafkaesque | Expert perfume blogger