Indolis (SOLD OUT)

Extrait de Parfum 50ml

Full of indolic Indonesian florals, Indolis is an aromatic oriental

creation with an unusual blue character.

Top notes: Indonesian jasmine enfleurage, gardenia and jasmine absolute

Heart notes: green hojary frankincense; ginger, lime, tangerine and
pineapple, co-distilled by Russian Adam

Base notes: Indonesian green sandal and wild Australian sandal, both
distilled by Russian Adam; benzoin, tonka bean absolute, oakmoss
resinoid and Indian galbanum; Chinese green tea extract from a 100
year old tree, and lavender absolute, both crafted by Russian Adam

The composition opens with the rarest, most costly jasmine extract known to man: Indonesian jasmine enfleurage. Delicate, soft and virginal… yet with an indolic, almost animalic touch… this enfleurage represents the scent that is closest to the true aroma of a night-blooming jasmine flower. It is further boosted with distilled oil of gardenia blossoms. Wild, piercing and even more animalic, this adds unmatchable layers to the top notes. Sharp, Indonesian jasmine absolute and soft neroli from Tunisia provide a foundation for the bouquet of top notes, causing them to last and shine through the entire composition.

The heart of this perfume was not only blended, but co-distilled, by Russian Adam. Pineapple, ginger, lime and tangerine were placed together into a single boiler and cooked, allowing the essences to be released and infused into one another, bringing to life a totally unique aroma. It was then blended with rare Omani, green hojary frankincense, distilled by Russian Adam, using water from the Alp Mountains. Alpine water, with its minerals and unique chemical composition, contribute an unmistakable signature. Pristine, crystal clear, airy and fresh, it makes the delicate scent of green hojary frankincense even softer, purer and more refined.

Perfectly blended, co-existing notes gradually take us to a base that is silky smooth, with a green and blue character. Green Indonesian sandal oil, distilled by Russian Adam from sandal roots nearly 100 years old, provide a silky smooth, elegant platform for the base. It is spiced up, made more ambery and creamy, with a touch of wild sandalwood oil and absolute from Australia, both extracted by Russian Adam himself.

The combination of chamomile oil from various regions contributes a distinctive aroma. It is herbal, slightly medicinal and extremely soft and creamy, producing an unusual, blue floral scent. Oakmoss resinoid adds a thick, foresty layer, soothing and tying together all the surrounding notes. An unmatchable green nuance is conveyed by one-of-a-kind Chinese green tea absolute, extracted by Russian Adam. Harvested from a green tea tree, over a century old, it adds a highly-matured, yet fresh, herbal touch to the composition.

Full of rare and unique extracts, Indolis is indeed kaleidoscopic and complex. Gradually, smoothly shifting, the notes will change hour after hour, leaving the wearer mesmerized, as if he has applied several different fragrances and top quality extracts, rather than a single perfume.


9ml, 50ml