Grandenia (SOLD OUT)

  • Extrait de Parfum 30ml

The curtain opens upon antique gardenia gardens. An indolic floral feast sprinkled with ancient spices.A liaison between an oriental smoky oud beast and old-style, French perfumery. Welcome to the olfactory performance that is Grandenia.

Top notes:
bergamot and lemon accords from circa 1930; olibanum absolute

Heart notes:
indolic gardenia accord from circa 1930; oils of cinnamon, nutmeg and rosemary

Base notes:
saffron, fossil amber oil from circa 1920, Indonesian dark patchouli, black ambergris, myrrh, tonka, sandal floral blend from circa 1950; Thai oud chips from a 30 year old tree, infused with smoke of sinking Indonesian Malinau agarwood chips

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This composition opens up with dry and dusty, yet lively and fresh, citrus accords. Dense, thick, heavy, sticky and mature bergamot and lemon dance here. Just seconds away, a bouquet of ancient spices enters the stage. Nutmeg, cinnamon and rosemary come together, creating a unique trio of spices. Perfectly, highly aged and free from any sharp edges, this spice bouquet is sweet, smooth and peppery, delivering an unmatchable oriental twist to the opening scene.


Suddenly, a passionate, blazing flower emerges. She is indolic, powdery, and almost animalic in her paradoxically delicate charm. Antique gardenia accord is a treasure to behold! Akin to the carnation accord showcased in Antiquity, she is a condensed olfactory universe with a million fragrant words to share.


Emotional, intimate and wild in her nature, she speaks to the wearer in a number of languages, telling a new secret story every single time. Her matured, layered olfactory wisdom and sophisticated character may cause a bittersweet yearning for things of the past. This nostalgia is just one of the many stories antique gardenia has to tell.


Slowly, this composition transitions into the grand finale, which is comprised of some of the most traditional oriental notes. Dark, chocolaty and earthy patchouli boosted with black, animalic ambergris. Bittersweet smoke of ancient amber oil from 1920, softened by the deep red saffron and sticky, honey-sweet myrrh.


Sandal floral oriental blend from 1950 provides a thick, creamy and juicy floral touch to the base. Finally, here emerges mighty oud oil from highly-matured organic, naturally infected agarwood trees that were 30 years old. Infused by Russian Adam with the resinous smoke of some of the most rare and precious wild, sinking agarwood chips from Malinau, Indonesia, it stands head and shoulders above any regular plantation oud oils. Reminiscent of warm and soft evening breezes whispering through the barnyard. Aromas of dark, dry fruits and resins abound. Thick, silky smooth sinking agarwood smoke that sedates the lungs and brings heavy relaxation.


Grandenia is a classical performance, featuring a grand cast of olfactory characters, the star of which is a marvelous flower, her majesty gardenia!

Review: – Kafkaesque