Flux de Fleur (SOLD OUT)

Extrait de Parfum 50ml.

Top notes: dissolved green and black frankincense; pink grapefruit

Heart notes: rooh of jasmine sambac and yellow frangipani; tuberose absolute, Cambodian oud that is over 10 years old; dark Sumatran oud soaked in coconut water; and Indian amber shamama attar, aged for more than two decades

Base notes: legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk; castoreum, blue lotus absolute, honeysuckle and henna infusion, vetiver, tolu balsam and benzoin.

Flux de Fleur is a heavy, dark fruity, floral Oriental blend. It is the fragrance of heavy rain of melted frankincense coating a garden of marvelous pink grapefruit. Resins covering citrus fruits, fixing and supporting their playful character. Liquid green frankincense releasing a tangy zing that is both juicy and resinous, while black frankincense delivers a dark, musky sensation.

Once rain passes, the garden reveals its blooming florals. Piercing, narcotic tuberose; sweet, sharp and stimulating jasmine sambac; and powdery, seductive yellow frangipani, watered with black frankincense rain, all begin to blossom with notes of unimaginable dark, dry fruits.

Slowly majestic, highly-matured, rare Cambodian oud unfurls and stretches its ancient wings. Dark, thick and dense, it reveals the notes of dry, oudy fruits, molasses resins and plummy tobacco, graciously overlaying antique shamama attar. Red, herbal, spicy amber notes pared with dark Indonesian oud, soaked in sweet coconut water take over, bring to life unmatchable olfactory pleasure.

Henna, blue lotus absolute and other various flowers infused into the solid base of this composition lead to a dry down that is just as complex and exciting as the opening. Layer upon layer of richness and dark, mysterious depth. Musks, clean Indian vetiver and lush tolu balsam hold the structure, adding to the lasting, intense power.


50ml, 10ml