Cuir de Russie (SOLD OUT)

Garment Parfum 30ml

Hugely animalic, floriental leather, featuring unique, vintage birch tar and beaver tail oil. Cuir de Russie is for scenting clothing, not skin.

Top notes:
birch tar from 1920 – 1930

Heart notes:
violet attar from 1930, blue lotus accord, rose and jasmine absolute

Base notes:
beaver tail oil, deer musk and crude amber oil


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Traditionally, many aromatic oils were used to camouflage the animalic, dirty aromas of freshly cured leathers and furs that many people wore. Birch tar had an even greater purpose, in that it was often used as a waterproofing agent for leather boots and as a deterrent against damaging insects.


It is interesting that the scent of birch tar became so associated with leather goods (especially those coming out of Russia) that the entwined aromas became something to be desired. Hence the phrase Cuir de Russie, which means “leather of Russia”… and the subsequent creation of many perfumes endeavoring to recreate that distinctive scent.


In spite of the fact that historically, birch tar was used medicinally, and even as a chewing gum, new studies suggest that it is potentially toxic and an allergen when applied directly to one’s skin. Therefore, this Cuir de Russie blend is not meant to be used on the skin. Instead, it was crafted with the purpose of scenting cloth or, for an even more genuine experience, being spritzed on a leather jacket or gloves.


The notes in this composition are caged between two of the most distinctive, outrageous materials available. At the top, we have the aforementioned birch tar that is a century old; a substance so dense and heavy that it pierces the entire composition, all the way to the bottom. At the base resides beavertail oil, so animalic and leathery that it jumps right up to the top notes, whilst still holding tight to the foundation.


Animalic madness is heavily present right from the start of this olfactory journey, setting itself apart from many animalic leathers that only pretend to be wild. With Cuir de Russie, we present to you nothing but unmistakeable authenticity.


Refined, ultra smooth, highly-matured, silky soft birch tar smoke creates strings of darkness that emerge gradually. They are slowly permeated by a vintage, creamy violet floral accord, followed by luxuriant rose and jasmine absolute. The old fashioned combination of violet, rose and jasmine notes, with a modern twist of lotus, offers a sophisticated character that embodies classical, royal leather.


The smooth and soothing creaminess of Cuir de Russie is derived from ancient Tunisian violet attar. It resides confidently atop the pillars of robust, animalic leather. Right from the top, dirty leather is palpable. It builds up the intense, regal character, remaining resolutely present through the entire life of the composition.


Wild Siberian deer musk adds another furry dimension to this unmatchable, premium leather accord. Birch tar, beaver tail oil and deer musk mingle to create a truly regal, three-dimensional and stunning leather scent.


Cuir de Russie is everything you wished for in a classical leather fragrance… plus a whole lot more.

Review: – Kafkaesque


This Olfactory Composition contains animal product… an absolute derived from legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk grains. These were sourced from a legal institution that buys only from registered hunters who have permission from the Russian government to hunt a regulated number of wild deer per season. Legal musk grains are available in very limited amounts and are typically used only for traditional medicines. This is one of the reasons why natural musk grains are no longer used in large scale perfumery.