Chinese Oud 10ml (SOLD OUT)

Extrait de Parfum

Top notes:

boozy aldehyde accord, sweet orange and bergamot

Heart notes:

wild Hainan agarwood oil from 2003 and a bouquet of extremely rare, pure and natural florals; namely rose, jasmine and gardenia, all of which were grown and extracted in China

Base notes:

old Mysore sandalwood extracted in China, Indonesian vanilla tincture, oakmoss and patchouli


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Chinese Oud is an outstanding collaboration between Russian Adam and his friend from Jamira Oud in China. Oud collector presented to Areej le Doré an extraordinary, vintage, wild and extremely high-quality Hainan agarwood oil produced in 2003. The composition is built around this rare, marvelous and precious oil and is a completely original take on authentic, wild Chinese oud. This unique, fresh composition has a bitter, sweet, citrusy, boozy opening; a heart of rare, natural florals grown and extracted in China, and nearly extinct, hugely animalic, wild Hainan oud; and a base built around Mysore sandalwood.

The bottle label reads “中國沉香” (Chinese Oud), the original of which was handwritten by a traditional Chinese calligraphy artist. The cap is custom-made of a satisfyingly heavy metal and was inspired by outstanding Chinese architecture, as well as the shape of a traditional Arabian burner.

At the moment Chinese Oud touches one’s skin, the composition explodes with the boozy and fruity notes of aldehydic sweet orange. Fermented, intoxicating fruits and tangy orange create a huge aromatic cloud, whose freshness is intensified with sparkling and juicy bergamot.

Soon after the spirited opening settles, wild, exotic florals come into play. Softly indolic and piercingly green jasmine absolute. Creamy, almost buttery rose otto. Fruity and bitter gardenia CO2. All three of these florals join to create an outstanding bouquet with an unmatchable, addictive narcotic character.

The central stage, the very heart of this composition, is occupied by precious Chinese oud. Placed behind the shimmering curtain of citruses and florals, it shines through, slowly revealing its wild character. Animalic and bittersweet, with faecalicious nuances, it is an oud lover’s dream come true. Chinese Oud is matured, full-bodied and unapologetic.

The base is dominated by one-of-a-kind, old Mysore sandalwood, custom extracted in China. It is a dark red oil, filled with buttery sweetness and deep, ancient, creamy woodiness, and is enhanced by a fresh Mysore sandalwood distillation. Dark green, sticky oakmoss, aged patchouli and vanilla provide a classy and elegant finish to the composition.

Thank God for this marvelous collaboration! It enabled us to achieve something truly spectacular that would not have been possible individually. Chinese Oud is an outstanding composition that represents several Chinese arts (aromatic distillation, calligraphy and architecture), combined and focused to showcase the most precious aspect of them all: a hydro-distilled, aged, wild Chinese oud from Hainan Province.

Review: – Kafkaesque