Baikal Gris Attar (SOLD OUT)

Pure perfume oil  2.5 grams (around 3ml)

Contains traces of perfumers alcohol used for ambergris tincture.

A rich, poetic tribute to Russian lake Baikal.

Top notes: Russian fir balsam, violet leaf, grey Indian ambergris

Heart notes: old Mysore sandalwood resinoid extracted by Russian Adam, vanilla, grey Indian ambergris

Base notes: tonka bean, fossil amber, cypress, cedarwood, oakmoss and nagarmotha


Warm and cozy morning
Dew on violets cling
Baikal still waters
Sleeping like a king

Fir and piney sunshine
Heavy, fragrant air
Drops of melting amber
Tranquil, balsamic fare

Cedar sliced for breakfast
On a green and mossy floor
A sticky resin drizzle
That leaves me wanting more

I jump into calm waters
Baikal woken from a dream
Encircled by sweet forests
That are fresh and full of cream

Santal boat passing
Invitation for a ride
It is slow but gracious
Gliding to my side



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