Atlantic Ambergris II (ON HOLD)

Extrait de Parfum 48ml

Top notes: bergamot, cardamom and a touch of Russian pine

Heart notes: jasmine sambac, white champaka, ylang-ylang, white Irish ambergris, tonka bean absolute, clove and nutmeg

Base notes: violet leaf, orris root, sweet myrrh, oakmoss, nagarmotha and labdanu

Temporary On Hold: currently unavailable for purchase

This Olfactory Composition dances around top quality, white Irish ambergris… a precious material that is just as rare as it is mysterious and attractive. Needless to say, it is nearly absent in large scale modern perfumery, due to its high cost and scarcity. Most of the time it is replaced by synthetic alternatives or lower quality grey and black ambergris, which often have an unpleasant aroma.

Top-quality, highly-matured white ambergris, on the other hand, has no off notes. Its aroma is pristine, fluffy, silky, slightly powdery, sweet and earthy, with a bottomless oceanic depth that is truly unique.

However, is not merely the scent that matters. High-grade white ambergris, when used wisely, is known to produce an amazing uplifting influence on other aromatics, especially florals, leading to a breathtaking, 3D effect and an unmatchable olfactory experience.

The synergy of fresh, floral, spicy and green notes, along with ambergris’ golden touch, indeed creates an amazing sensation. Apart from absolute olfactory satisfaction, it may cause an intense and unusual reaction on a deeper level.

Atlantic Ambergris utilizes the exceptional top, middle and base notes that are mentioned above; however, the glory of this composition resides in the coexistence, marriage and synergy of those notes… where every individual element loses its personality and dies.

Then, all of the separate components are reborn into a single olfactory and emotional explosion that is full of beautiful nuances, elegant turns, smooth corners, ups and downs…

Consider how an ocean wave begins its journey, seemingly from nowhere, and commences breathing, vibrating, gradually and graciously growing, until it reaches the size of a mountain… only to collapse and dissolve in seconds, leaving a huge and lasting impression on whoever decides to face it.

So too will the emotional olfactory wave of Atlantic Ambergris affect you! Once the ocean is calm, we hope to meet you in the secret place… the place where, thrown by the waves, lost Atlantic Ambergris lays…


** During the launch of the new collection we expect possible delays (shipping within 1 month) in processing a large number of orders.