Antiquity (SOLD OUT)

Extrait de Parfum 30ml

This perfume represents a long gone era. It is composed using truly unique, vintage, highly matured raw materials, including outstanding wild Cambodian agarwood oil from 1975.

Top notes: 
Peach aldehyde 1930, Bergamot 1940-1950

Heart notes: 
Carnation 1920-1930, Cambodian oud 1975, Angelica root 1930-1950, Patchouli 1940-1950

Base notes: 
Cuir de Russie accord 1930-1950, Muskatone 1930-1950, Patchouli 1985 and 2017, Amber resin, Oakmoss

This composition consists of around 70%, beautifully aged, absolutely unique, antique materials, dating from 1920 to 1985. The use of such refined, mature ingredients results in a truly remarkable, rare experience that allows the wearer to be transported into the past, to a golden era of perfumery.


Antiquity opens up with a delicious, radiating, silky smooth peach aldehyde and dry, dusty bergamot that is bursting with myriad spicy, woody facets.


Residing in the heart of Antiquity is one of the most complex and beautiful carnation accords. Dating back to 1920-1930, it indeed captures an entire universe in itself. Spicy, warm, lush florals morph from red to blackest black, swallowing the wearer into infinity. On the periphery, angelica root essence adds to the spiciness and enhances the incredible depths of carnation. Further beyond lies a touch of pure and wild, mysterious Cambodian oud. It is here, in this other-worldly space, that one enjoys whispers of dark and resinous tobacco notes, molasses and a banquet of dry plums and berries with unmistakeable, incense-laden, soft oudy nuances.


The core of the composition is planted firmly upon three types of vintage patchouli oils from a long ago era. Each one of these oils could easily stand alone, a fine perfume in its own right. Chocolaty, earthy, smooth and refined, they shine exponentially brighter in combination with Areej signature ingredients: amber resin and deep green, Indian oakmoss.


Vintage Cuir de Russie accord, combined with aged muskatone tincture, creates a gentle touch of velvety, worn leather. Entwined are silky threads of ambery oakmoss, all woven together to fabricate an intricately detailed base.


The perfectly matured, aromatic substances in this composition all share a touch of the mysterious… an antique aroma that can’t be replicated with newer materials. Thoughtfully combined, they produce an aura that can hardly be described in words; they must be inhaled, lived and experienced to be truly understood. This is the scent of a bygone golden era of perfumery. This is the scent of Antiquity!


This Olfactory Composition may contain animal product.

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