Agar de Noir (SOLD OUT)

Extrait de Parfum 30ml

Darkness upon darkness. Ancient spices, wild ouds from Laos and India, spread upon a lush, fragrant carpet of outstanding co-absolute that has been woven of coffee Arabica, saffron, Indonesian oud and ambergris crafted by Russian Adam.

Top notes:
vintage spice tinctures of cardamom, arnica, calamus,crataegus, columba and guaiac wood

Heart notes:
oud from Laos and India, vintage Arabia and violet accords

Base notes:
peru balsam, benzoin, labdanum and tonka bean


*During the launch of new collection we expect possible delays (up to 2 weeks) in processing large number of orders.

This dark oud composition is an olfactory bazaar stuffed with a menagerie of vintage spice tinctures. It opens up with a medicinal aromatic bouquet that is refined and matured, one in which no single note dominates; thereby creating a very balanced, mysterious aroma, usually found only in an ancient spice market.


Rapidly, high mountain Arabica coffee displays its multilayered, deeply black and delicious character. Boosted by the saffron and ambergris, it evokes the impression of a night-desert, Arabian style coffee ceremony… thanks to an innovative co-absolute of high mountain coffee, Indian saffron, Indonesian oud and grey ambergris, prepared by Russian Adam.
Vintage Arabia and violet accords add elegance and oriental charm to the heart notes, where majestic ouds reside. Boasting smooth, animalic nature, they add layer upon layer to the thick darkness.


The base notes are bursting with sticky and sweet resins that hold tight to the myriad components of the composition, magically allowing the top and heart notes to last for hours. Whilst Agar de Noir is the darkest of oriental oud blends ever created by Russian Adam, it is also deeply elegant and charming, possessing a true, French noir character.


– Kafkaesque